Monday, March 3, 2014

8th year anniversary of Mirissa Water Sports !

We are ...
The pioneers of commercial whale watching
With the most experience crew
Highest members of staff
Modern boats that are specially designed for whale watching
The biggest insurance coverage
Equipped with all the safety requirement
VAT & NBT (government taxes) registered
Kids below 10 on boat for free

This season ...!
Free wifi and internet at office
New decorations at office
More facilities for drivers and guides
Hosted a practical training for whale watchers
Welcomes researchers and media for free
Offered free trails for reservations / management staff from hotels and travel agencies
Trained the crew on better customer care
•Our new website, our blog

Next season ...!
Facilities :
Binoculars for close view
Commentaries onboard
Naturalist onboard
Introduction video to be screened at office
Improved library and reading materials
Education booklets for kids
Facilities for researchers
Fundraising for conservation and protection of marine mammals
Breakfast with fresh fruits
Coastal cruise combined with snorkeling, diving and swimming
Sport fishing on a speed boat (cross over – sea cat)
Whale watching combined with sport fishing
Card acceptance facilities
Online payment facility
Free wifi onboard

Whales and dolphins sightings of the season 13/14 (November to February)
Blue whales - 217
False killer whales - 50
Bryde's whales - 47
Pilot whales - 20
Sperm whales - 15
Killer whales - 13
Humpback whales - 2
Fin whales - 2

Spinner dolphins - 12 093
Spotted dolphins - 1 000
Risso's dolphins - 264
Bottlenose dolphins - 110

Thank you to :
Building a Future Foundation
Respective volunteers and well wishers
Partners (travel agents, hotels, tour guides, tour drivers)
Distinguish customers
The medias
The researchers and people into conservation and protection of whales and dolphins
The crew and the staff

Without them, we wouldn’t have achieved this success !

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